Are your white goods causing you concern? Is your fridge/ freezer needing some TLC, or perhaps your washing machine isn't quite at its best? 

Here at Ovenwow we also offer White goods cleaning from dirty Washing machines through to dishwashers. 

Washing machine - On arrival at your property and just like our Fantastic oven cleaning service we firstly ensure all work surfaces are protected. 

Washing machine £55.00 

We then set about cleaning the appliance , the detergent draw is removed and this is then steam cleaned removing all traces of old conditioner / washing powder. All door seals are then steam cleaned to remove Mould* spores from the rubber seal and inside the drum 
*we cannot guarantee complete removal of black mould on door seals 
The washing machine filter is then cleaned to ensure proper drainage operation. Finally we run the washing machine on a short cycle with an additive proven to kill 99% of bacteria and micro organisms , leaving your machine fresh and ready to use 
Fridge - A fridge clean removes all built up dirt out of the appliance.  
Before we arrive please ensure all food stuffs are removed we will then proceed to remove all trays / glass etc which are then cleaned. 

Standard Single Fridge £55, Standard Fridge freezer £70, American fridge freezer £85.00 

The fridge internals are then cleaned and any debris / grease is removed from the appliance. We then replace all trays etc clean fridge door seals and clean the outside of the appliance. A fridge deodorizer is left in the appliance and forms part of the price. 
Freezer - No need to defrost the appliance. Before we arrive please ensure all food stuffs are removed we will then proceed to remove all trays / glass etc which are then cleaned. Door seals are then cleaned and the outside of the appliance cleaned. 
Tumble dryer - Lint or fluff are the enemy of your tumble dryer and in the case of condensing tumble dryers can actually stop the machine from working. 
With our tumble drying cleaning service we remove and clean all filters , steam clean seals and finally clean the machines exterior , leaving your machine clean and ready to use. 


Dishwasher - Although the dishwasher internals tend to keep themselves clean the filters, seals etc are prone to a build up of dirt. 
With our Dishwasher service we steam clean all seals , remove filters and clean , unblock any cleaning jets , top up the rinse aid and salt if required. We then run a dishwasher cleaner to eliminate any bacteria and smells. 


You’ve convinced ME! 

How do I get in touch? 
Want to get your oven gleaming again? Get in touch with us today using the details below. Alternatively fill in the form here and a member of our superhero team will respond to your query. We are now covering Howden, Goole, Selby, York, Hull, Market Weighton, Doncaster, Beverley, Pocklington, Castleford, Pontefract and surrounding villages 
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